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Extra Curricular Activities 2017

PE Clubs

PE at Holly Lodge continues to develop and improve as more pupils are engaging in the extra-curricular programme offered by staff at the school. We have seen an uptake in pupils attending various clubs on offer in the morning and also after school. The clubs that are offered include Netball, football, cricket, fitness, basketball and Indoor Athletics to name a few. These are open to all pupils in the school and we try to encourage pupils to attend and actively get involved. Breakfast clubs continue to attract a number of pupils each morning from 8am and we believe it helps set the pupils up for a positive and productive day as well as support their learning. School teams and competitions have seen a number of pupils across the school engage in fixtures and competitive sport this, provides a wonderful opportunity for them develop their skill set in the sports and also improve their knowledge and understanding in those sporting areas especially around the rules, tactics and importantly team work and fairness. Notable successes have been the Indoor Athletics pupils who have stepped up their performances this year to enjoy greater success. Currently the team lie in 5th place but in touching distance of 3rd and 4th place. Also the girl’s netball teams have enjoyed some success in their fixtures and the year 7 girls will start after half term. Holly Lodge has also staged the Sandwell Handball tournaments this year and will also host the finals after the February half term.

Be sure to check the timetable after Christmas as some activities will change and if you are interested to get involved then see any members of the PE department. Please see some pictures below to support the sports and teams that we offer.


We have had a positive number of pupils represent the school this year in football fixtures against other local Sandwell schools. The year teams have had fixtures against Perryfields, Ormiston Forge, Shirelands and St Michaels. The results have been indifferent with some wins and losses in the fixtures played so far. Fixtures will commence after February half term as well as Sandwell Cup fixtures, fingers crossed results go in our favour. Thanks to Mr Reeves, Mr Hancox, Mr Gill and Mr Moore for taking these sides. We also have girl’s football fixtures starting at Sandwell academy in December and have between 6-10 girls wanting to be involved.

Schools Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Perryfields Lost 3-1 Won 4-2 Won 3-1
Ormiston Forge Lost 5-2 Won 2-1 Won 3-1
ST Micheals Lost 12-0 Lost-10-0 Lost 4-3 Draw 1-1
Shirelands Draw 3-3 Draw 4-4 Cancelled Fixture Holly Lodge Won

Athletics Championship
Indoor Athletics

A number of pupils are currently taking part in the Sandwell Indoor Athletics Championship at Tipton Sports Academy; the pupils have 6 separate events over the year and aim to gain points from the different events in an attempt to finish as high as possible. The pupils compete in a Sprint, hurdle, 4 Lap distance race and a relay running race alongside this they also do a Standing long jump, triple jump and shot put field event. Pupils have done really well so far and it has easily been our strongest year to date with number wishing to be involved on the up and results improving. The school and pupils have received recognition for their efforts by the head of athletics at the Sandwell leisure Trust. Results can be seen below.

1 George Salter 2006 PTS
2 Sandwell Academy 1875 PTS
3 Wood Green 1481
4 ST Bathhurst 1444 PTS
5 Holly Lodge 1440 PTS
6 Forge Academy 1305
7 Oldbury Academy 1143
8 Q3 Academy 848
9 Turves GR Girls 562 PTS
10 Hands Girls 236 PTS

The girls Netball has been so far a great success with increased numbers attending on a regular basis (around 25-30 pupils) which has resulted in us being able to field a number of teams at both U14 and U16 level.

The girls have improved greatly over the season and we hoping that this will continue with the reminder of the games. The U16 team have worked really hard and have had some really competitive matches with a number of games only losing by a goal or so. Many of the players playing for the U16 team are from year 9/10 which means that this team can continue to develop next season.

The U14 team has been rewarded for their hard work and commitment to training by coming 3rd in the U14 Sandwell tournament and winning their last game against St Michaels 5-2. They have also had some close competitive matches resulting in only losing by a goal or two. Once again in particular the U14 team has shown huge improvement and we have no doubt this with continue for the remainder of this season and on into next season.

The Year 7 league starts in January and we have already had a number of year 7 girls coming to training ready to start their matches.

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

Leadership award within PE
Year 8
Huraira Hussain
Hussein Cuseman
Sarai-Asher Francis
Sabir Mohammed Oddin
Thahia Momtaz
Nicolas Gizler – Kacica
Ismail Hussain
Year 9
Dounia Allaiouti
Sian Curtis
Kamraj Dhesi
Tanesha Warren
Jagraj Singh
Ellie-Louise Amelia
Ryan Bains

Miss Knight has created a leadership course targeted at KS3 pupils. Each teaching member of PE staff have nominated a pupil they teach per year group from KS3. The type of skills we are aiming to focus on and develop are things like; personal professionalism and accountability, aspiring to achieve and the mental aspects such as emotional intelligence and managing relationships. Staff took these skills into consideration when putting their students forward.

Each student has to complete a log book, containing half term focuses and lead 1 whole extra-curricular activity in that half term. Alongside this they will have a passport which is where they record their leadership within lessons, this passport has to be completed by the end of every half term.

Students reaching the criteria expected in the course will receive rewards on a half termly basis, whether this is free time in the sports hall or a trip to the local park.

Each junior sports leader will have a badge, stating their role. The aim is for them to also be used to lead whole school events as well as events within PE with the aim for pupils to look smart representing the school in their PE kit and highlighting their leadership role with their badge which will be ironed onto their PE kit.

At the end of the full term if the log book, passport and they have attended all meeting focuses, they will receive a certificate and hopefully we can develop different stages to this award. I have applied for several members of our sixth form to take part in a leadership course run by the Black Country, which will hopefully lead to them gaining a genuine coaching qualification, giving a focus of leadership within KS5 and also something that can be used for UCAS applications.

Handball Tournaments

Holly Lodge has hosted the Sandwell Schools tournaments for this year which has included 4 competitions at Under 15’s and Under 13’s. We have boys and girls sides at every year group with some of the years having two sides representing Holly Lodge. We have been successful with our Under 15’s B team, Under 13’s A team all making the Sandwell Schools Final again which will be held at Holly Lodge.

Handball Under 15’s B Team

Under 13 Boys Handball

House System

As a way of improving our rewards system and to try and create greater competition, we have implemented a house system. KS3 students have been divided into 5 houses; Darwin, Curie, Edison, Franklin & Fleming. Students who attend extra-curricular clubs earn 1 point for their house and those who represent the school earn 2 points. We have regular inter-house competitions in lessons and after school where students compete to earn points for their house. This is being run by Mr Moore so pupils please get involved.

Below are the Under 15 boys 5 a side winners: Fleming

Under 15 boys 5 a side winners
SID's Day

Year 10y band pupils will be involved in our first SID’s day trip as they choose to either take part in Ice Skating in Solihull or Laserquest at the Raceway in Birmingham. We will be taking over 120 pupils out on Tuesday 15th November. Thanks to the parents for supporting this trip and contributing to the activities and transport on the day. Finally I would like to extend my appreciation to the staff for their efforts and for their own enthusiasm in getting involved in the activities on the day. 10x will have their SID’s day in March with the same activities on offer. Can I just thank parents that support the trips with a £5 contribution.

Red Nose Week

For Red Nose Week, Miss Knight and the sports leaders organised a number of events throughout the week.

rose nose

This events raised the sum of £440.90.

Thanks to everyone involved for planning, organising and running all activities for Comic Relief Week, a great effort by all and thanks to staff that supported and donated.

Under 15 Sandwell Dodgeball Tournament

The Under 15’s were runners up at the Sandwell Dodgeball Tournament

  • Back
  • Adiana Graf-Haro - ( Fleming)
  • Kyrah Hodge - (Year 10)
  • Belinda Kwabla - (Year 10)
  • Alex Zacarius - (Year 10)
  • Front
  • Belinda Kwabla - (Year 10)
  • Alex Zacarius - (Year 10)

WIN = 5 points DRAW = 3 points Lose = 1 point


1ST = 25 PTS 2ND = 20 PTS 3RD = 15PTS 4TH = 10 PTS 5TH = 5 PTS

Extra Curricular/House Competition Results


Year 7 Results
House Competition Extra-Curricular Total
Curie 200 143 343
Fleming 200 142 342
Edison 230 74 304
Darwin 135 140 275
Franklin 155 87 242

Year 8 Results
House Competition Extra-Curricular Total
Edison 95 162 257
Darwin 35 182 217
Fleming 75 108 183
Curie 60 99 159
Franklin 40 103 143


Year 9 Results
House Competition Extra-Curricular Total
Franklin 125 149 274
Fleming 130 98 228
Darwin 135 88 223
Edison 80 128 208
Curie 70 60 130


House Competition Extra-Curricular Total
Fleming 405 363 768
Edison 405 356 761
Darwin 305 403 708
Franklin 320 332 652
Curie 330 301 631