SIDS day is Tuesday 14th November 2017 – school will close to students at 1.30pm

7th November 2017

Dear Parents/Carers

This is to remind you that the next Subject Immersion Day will take place on Tuesday 14th November 2017.
On that day all students will be involved in curriculum activities that require a continuous day (no lunch break) to operate. This enables us to organise special events to include out of school visits, visiting speakers and ‘immersion’ in subject areas to cover key curriculum issues.
Students will be expected in school as usual for registration at 8.45am but will finish at 1.30pm. Please note that other return arrangements may be in place for those on trips. Unless otherwise advised all students must attend in full school uniform.
Those who wish to have lunch in school may do so at 1.30pm.
Students are expected to make their way directly home and not congregate in areas in the community. We would ask for your support on this matter.

Yours sincerely