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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Statement 2015-16

Background and Numbers

Holly Lodge a school of 1383 students, 1268 in year’s 7-11 of which 585 students are eligible for pupil premium or 46% of this cohort.

Year and Figures 2015-16

Year 7


Year 8


Year 9


Year 10


Year 11




Given the high percentage of students who need to be supported and monitored, clearly the strategies themselves have to be equally extensive. Holly Lodge believes it is important not just to see these students as numbers but to understand their very disparate needs, some of which may seem so basic out of this areas context. Due to the complex need of these students, the school has identified and has in place a variety of interventions, experiences, and support.

The school is advanced in its ability to monitor and track progress of groups of students, tracking and reviewing progress of all every half term. Students identified in the year 15 -16, will as a result have progress checks and intervention every 6 weeks as part of the monitoring and review process, with adjustments to the focus of each intervention made according to findings.

Governors of the school believe that intervention where applicable, should not discriminate and non-Pupil Premium students may well have similar needs and take advantage of this provision. Given the numbers of Pupil Premium students in each year this has the additional benefit of not specifically highlighting one sub group of students, who above all, need to be made to feel fully integrated into the whole school population.

At this stage the identified intervention and areas to be funded represent the schools planning and funding for this academic year. [read more]

Pupil Premium Impact Statement 2015 - 2016
Pupil Premium Statement 2015 - 2016.pdf
Pupil Premium Statement 2014- 2015.pdf