Extra Curricular Clubs and Events 2015

PE Clubs

PE at Holly Lodge continues to develop and improve as more pupils are engaging in the extra-curricular programme offered by staff at the school. We have seen an uptake in pupils attending fitness club at lunch time, table tennis and basketball at lunch time as well as the football, netball, indoor cricket and badminton clubs that have been offered. Also the breakfast clubs have proved to be a real success for the department and pupils are enjoying the morning sessions. Be sure to check the timetable after Christmas as some activities will change and if you are interested to get involved then see any members of the PE department.

Ice Skating and Laser Quest
The PE department offered pupils in year 10 Y band the opportunity to participate in either Ice Skating or Laser quest. The idea is to provide pupils with the chance to participate in something different or new as well as engage with other pupils within their year group. We took 60 pupils to Ice Skating at Solihull Ice rink where they enjoyed 2 hours on the ice all pupils enjoyed it and did well, we had some experienced skaters and some beginners so was great to see pupils support one another and enjoy the day. For the remaining pupils these went to Laser quest in Oldbury at the Raceway, it involved 39 pupils being split into 2 smaller groups and competing both as a team and individual to see who was the most accurate with their laser. Pupils enjoyed 2 games over the two hour period. They returned to school for break time and then participated in some PE activities of their choice on site.

All went really well with staff and pupils enjoying the day. We would like to thank parents for their support and a £5 contribution to the day as well for activities and transport.