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Curriculum Statement

Within the framework of the National Curriculum and Local Authority policies the curriculum of the school aims to promote and support the personal growth of the students towards physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual maturity within a structured, profitable and enjoyable environment.

It will attempt to do this by providing a balanced, relevant and interesting programme of study appropriate to each pupil, a range of experiences to promote individual responsibility and independence and the guidance and support to begin life in the adult world.

In all Key Stages Enrichment activities will be provided as part of a compulsory Personnel Development Programme.

The statutory requirements for Careers Education and Sex Education will be provided within this programme. Citizenship, Work-related Learning and Enterprise is integral to all areas of the curriculum with a Work Experience placement for all students in Years 11 and 12.

Key Stage 3

Our broad and balanced Key Stage 3 curriculum is followed by Years 7, 8 and 9. Students follow a 25 period a week timetable. The curriculum is designed to provide depth and breadth of study whilst ensuring that appropriate time can be devoted to Mathematics, English and Science. In these three core subjects students in Year 9 will begin to follow the GCSE curriculum. In the non core subjects our intention is to give students a ‘taste’ of as many subjects as possible, whilst preparing them for and informing them about, potential KS4 subjects further down the line. Literacy and numeracy skills are developed in every subject and across the curriculum. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Citizenship (SMSC) underpins the whole ethos of our curriculum and whilst it is not taught explicitly as a discrete subject, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 benefit from a range of assemblies, form-time activities and enrichment days across the year. The majority of students will study MFL in KS3 whilst others will do additional literacy. This is a decision based on the learning need of the student

Key Stage 4

Our broad and balanced Key Stage 4 curriculum is followed by Years 10 and 11. Whilst ensuring that appropriate time can be devoted to Mathematics, English, Science and ICT the curriculum is designed to provide depth and breadth of study and also to promote opportunity for work-related learning and the development of employability skills. Personalisation is, we believe, essential if we are to provide an inclusive curriculum which allows our students to achieve their full potential. Thus, where appropriate, we explore opportunities to provide alternative curriculum pathways and learning environments as well as ‘age not stage’ learning for identified individuals or groups of students. Our intention is to provide all learners with a variety of curriculum pathways which will directly support and lead to further education, training and/or employment. All students study Physical Education for 3 periods over two weeks and competition between ‘houses’ and with other schools is encouraged.

At Holly Lodge we are committed to ensuring our students maximise their potential and leave us with the very best possible outcomes. We recognise that students have varying abilities so we ensure our provision is reflective of this as students move into year 10. Should you have any queries please contact Mr Neil Wilson, Deputy Headteacher.

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Key Stage 5

All students who have not achieved a grade 4 or equivalent in English and Mathematics are enrolled on a resit course, consisting of a minimum three hours teaching per week, that they continue to study until they achieve the required standard.

All students in the 6th form are offered the opportunity to participate in quality works experience related to their area of study or future career.

Curriculum Templates

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