Exam Results

Results at Key Stage 4

Once again, despite the volatility and drop in GCSE results nationally, Holly lodge has yet again raised many of its headline figures in 2018.

Progress 8 and Attainment 8 are two measures that schools will be judged against.They are designed to encourage schools to offer a broad and balanced curriculum at KS4.

Progress 8 is based on students’ progress measured across eight subjects:

  • English;
  • Mathematics;
  • Three other English Baccalaureate (EBacc) subjects (sciences, computer science, geography, history and languages).

Three further subjects, which can be from the range of EBacc subjects, or can be any other GCSE or approved, high-value arts, academic, or vocational qualification.

Attainment 8 is the students' average achievement across these eight subjects. From 2016, the floor standard will be based on schools' results on the Progress 8 measure. Holly lodge is performing above the floor target with a draft figure that indicates that we are yet again one of the highest performing schools for the progress 8 result in Sandwell.

We have had excellent performances from both individual pupils and across many subject areas. For example one of our top scoring students from 2018 gained the equivalent of 9 x A*-A grades and has now joined our ever growing sixth form. This represents another great set of results for Holly Lodge and we would like to congratulate students and staff for their exceptional efforts and parents for their continued support.

Year Attainment 8 Progress 8 Eng & Maths
Eng & Maths
2017 8.8 0.0 43% 21% 62% 53% 7%
2018 Unvalidated 38.0 -0.14 42% 21% 61% 52% 3%

Congratulations and Well Done!

Results at Key Stage 5

Holly Lodge is going from strength to strength with another improving set of year 13 GCE and BTEC results. Students and their families are celebrating the schools best ever ‘A’ level results. With the average A level grade rising for the fourth year in a row. Many congratulations go to all our students, special commendations go to Theodora Mildred Assan Sackey who, having arrived in the UK only two years ago and completing subjects in her second language is now off to study Pharmacy at Reading University. Navid Amir with his grade A’s in Maths and Art and a C in Physics will study Aeronautical Engineering at The University of Loughborough. Ayesha Islam achieved grades A* in Psychology, A in Sociology and a Distinction in Health and Social care is going on to a Social Science degree at The University of Birmingham. Many other students also gained excellent results with 99% of the students from our 2017-18 cohort either going onto a university course or into an apprenticeship position.

Progress & Attainment

Attainment 2016 2017 2018
Progress Academic -0.19 0.02 -0.08
Progress General Applied 0.36 0.74 -0.12
Attainment Academic Av Pt Score = 23.3 Grade = D+ Av Pt Score = 23.5 Grade = D+ AV PT Score = 27.2 Grade = C-
Attainment—Vocational 43.62 45.2 25.8
Attainment Applied General Av Pt Score = 40.2 Grade = Distinction + Av Pt Score = 46.3 Grade = Distinction*- Av Pt Score = 25.8 Grade = Merit
Attainment Vocational Tech Av Pt Score = 47.03 Grade = Distinction * Av Pt Score = 43.24 Grade = Distinction *- N/A
English GCSE progress 1.75 0.0 1.0
Maths GCSE Progress 0.73 0.88 0.38


Destinations National 2016 2013 2014 2015 2016
Education/ Employment/Training 94% 78% 87% 89% 94%
UK Higher Institution 68% 79% 74%

You can find more information about these performance measures in the 16 to 19 accountability headline measures guidance the 16 to 19 accountability headline measures