Awarding of Grades

Awarding of Grades Key Stage 5 2021

Due to the disruption caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, students will not be sitting formal examinations this summer and instead will receive grades based on teacher assessment. Each grade will take into account a range of evidence from a variety of assessments related to the programme of study.

Further information on the topic content being assessed can be found in each qualification’s “Assessment Profile” (below). This is the evidence that each qualification will use to determine grades this summer and student’s should use these profiles to help focus their revision in preparation for these assessments.”

A2 Art Assessment Profile41.28 KB
A2 Biology Assessment Profile92.24 KB
A2 Business Assessment Profile48.56 KB
A2 Chemistry Assessment Profile101.14 KB
A2 Computer Science Assessment Profile77.18 KB
A2 Geography Assessment Profile41.08 KB
A2 Italian Assessment Profile88.63 KB
A2 Maths Assessment Profile74.39 KB
A2 Panjabi Assessment Profile78.81 KB
A2 Physics Assessment Profile103.13 KB
A2 Psychology Assessment Profile81.47 KB
A2 Sociology Assessment Profile84 KB
AS Physics Assessment Profile98.22 KB
BTEC L3 Business Ext Cert Assessment Profile69.4 KB
BTEC L3 Ext Cert Law Assessment Profile70.37 KB
BTEC L3 HSC Diploma Assessment Profile94.42 KB
BTEC L3 HSC Ext Cert Assessment Profile95.83 KB
BTEC L3 IT Assessment Profile73.15 KB
BTEC L3 Music Assessment Profile63.98 KB
BTEC L3 Sport Assessment Profile67.15 KB