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The CCF is a unique educational partnership that operates in schools across the UK.Through enjoyable military themed and adventurous activities, cadets have the opportunity to take responsibility, develop skills such as leadership, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance. CCF contingents promote the aims and values of the Army.

Training opportunities for cadets occur during weekly parades in school, whole day and weekend training periods (field days), at annual military camps, on courses run by the Armed Forces specifically for cadets and through adventurous training expeditions Cadets follow the syllabus appropriate to the section which includes drill, skill at arms and use of map and compass. Adventurous training opportunities include mountain walking, canoeing, gliding and offshore sailing

Cadet Expansion Programme (CEP)

What is the CEP?

In June 2012 the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister announced the Government’s Cadet Expansion Programme (CEP) to increase the number of state funded schools with their own cadet force unit. The programme has been given £10.85 million by the Department for Education (DfE) and Ministry of Defence (MOD) so that more young people can benefit from the cadet experience in school, and to increase in the number of state schools benefiting from having a cadet force as part of school life.

The CEP is part of the Government’s aim of promoting military ethos in schools; to instil values in young people that will help them get the most out of their lives, and to contribute to their communities and country. This means pupils developing qualities such as self-discipline, loyalty and respect, strong leadership, teamwork and resilience which will help them achieve excellence and shape their own future. The programme focuses on Combined Cadet Force units ensuring that as many pupils from a state school have the chance to experience the life-enriching activities of military cadets as part of school life - this mirrors the military activity offered in many of the best independent schools in the country.

[Cad Expansion Programme web site]

Remembrance at Holly Lodge

Remembrance Day 2018

Holly Lodge School fell silent on Friday 9th November 2018 to remember the fallen in their annual Remembrance Day parade that takes place on the Friday before Remembrance Sunday each year. 1500 students and 200 staff, together with representatives of the local Fire Service, Rt Hon.John Spellar MP, Governors and representatives from the Army observed a two minute silence as part of a full remembrance parade. The school is proud of the CCF team that led the parade and equally proud of the respect shown by all students at this event. They were congratulated by Mr Spellar and by all guests. The school is also proud of our Head Boy Baljodh Singh who is in our CCF and has been chosen to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph in London and also in Westminster Abbey on the grave of the unknown soldier.

Westminster Abbey

Baljodh at Westminster Abbey (BBC iplayer)

Holly Lodge School was successful in their bid to become one of the first CCF’s with the new CEP programme and began training their young people in September 2015. During the first half-term, the cadets have been issued army uniform, which they wear proudly on parade days. They have practiced marching as a group and standing to attention whilst being inspected each week. They have also had a taste of what they will do when they attend field days and camps. This included making themselves a shelter (basha) and cooking with an traditional army cooker.

This helf-term the focus is on Skill at Arms and fieldcraft. The cadets will learn how to safely handle a rifle that can later be used on a range. They will also find out how to camouflage themselves to the surroundings and move around on different terrrain.

Cooker: Cooker
Shelter: Shelter

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