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Summer School 2016

Summer school took place in the first week of the school holiday with an Olympic theme based around the forthcoming Rio Olympics in Brazil. We invited all pupils that will be starting with us in September to partake in the weeks activities that would involve 6 curriculum based lessons with an Olympic theme based around that subject area. During the morning pupils were divided into 6 teams and decided on a country they would represent over the week. We had some of the bigger hitting countries chosen that included USA, Australia, Great Britain, China, Germany and Jamaica each morning the pupils needed to work together on a task that tested their communicational and organisational skills. It also required them to be creative on their tasks as they designed the Olympic Rings, Olympic Torch, a mascot and also their countries flag. The lessons took place over the first 3 days and where delivered and planned by some of our outstanding teachers within the school. The afternoons would end with a sporting theme as the countries battled each other for supremacy and gold medals. Some of the sports included Benchball, Dodgeball and Handball with countries divided into two small teams.

Over the week staff awarded pupils either a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal for their efforts and quality of work which resulted in points for their nation with the end goal to achieve overall Summer School victory. The countries swapped places all week as points mounted up day after day, the final competition though was a Sports day and tug of war competition, with plenty of points and medals on offer, the pupils and staff performed admirably in honour of their chosen country with everyone getting involved and supporting all competitors. In the end overall victory went to Germany which was supported by Mrs Bhogal who deservedly achieved over 5000 points during the week. A special mention must also go to Sandis Ozols who won a netbook for his overall effort during the week.

Can I just thank the staff that supported and helped run summer school which made it an outstanding and enjoyable success for all involved. I hope the year 7 pupils had a great experience and it sets them up for the start of September and their future at Holly Lodge.

Mr Burke.