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School Policies - including Data Protection Policies


To view any of the documentation provided you may need to install the free Adobe Reader or Microsoft application software such as MS Office.(free online version is available).

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Admissions Policy 2021-2022454.82 KB
Accessibility Policy 2021482.94 KB
Anti Bullying Policy June 2017446.28 KB
Assessment Policy 2019513.92 KB
Attendance Policy September 2020773.9 KB
Behaviour Management System (V1) with COVID-19368.96 KB
Bomb Threat_Hoax Staying Safe and Emergency Procedure109.12 KB
Capability Policy Teachers June 2019318.34 KB
CCTV Policy 2021525.13 KB
Charging and Remissions Policy Nov 20201.04 MB
Child Protection and Safeguarding COVID-19 addendum 2020782.91 KB
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy Sept 2020827.87 KB
Complaints Policy March 2019481.63 KB
Compliments and Persistant Complaints Policy174.02 KB
COVID-19 Checklist and Model Risk Assessment - School Safety Guide March 2021 362.77 KB
Data Protection Policy for Data Subjects 2021514.58 KB
Equality Policy 2018248.71 KB
Exams_Word_Processor_Policy 2018749.15 KB
Exclusion Policy 2017377 KB
Health and Safety Policy 2018-2019448.1 KB
Fire Evacuation Plan under COVID 19 – MAY 2021427.59 KB
Fire Procedures March 2020 (V11)331.82 KB
Gifts Hospitality 2019206.96 KB
Homework Policy March 2018683.08 KB
Information Advice and Guidance Coordinator Policy 2018483.69 KB
Management of Abscence Policy June 2019588.1 KB
Management of Children with Medical Needs in School 2016-2019 amended June 20181.6 MB
Model Capability Policy for Non-Teaching Staff289.71 KB
Model Grievance Policy 2018 - 2022345.32 KB
NQT Induction Policy 2020252.19 KB
Policy for Serial and Persistent Complainants March 2019428.61 KB
Pupil Premium 2018-2019648.11 KB
Records Retention Policy 2018-2019955.89 KB
Reader Device AUC Agreement291.4 KB
Removable Storage Disclaimer693.01 KB
Schools Model Disciplinary Guidance234.12 KB
SEND Policy 2018693.52 KB
SEMH policy 2018553.06 KB
Sex and Relationships Policy435.1 KB
SEND Teaching Strategies 2018508.15 KB
SEN Information Report 2018679.98 KB
Snow and Ice Policy395.92 KB
Staff AUC 2018523.89 KB
Staff - Workforce Privacy Notice208.32 KB
Teaching Staff Appraisal Policy275.53 KB
Term Time Working Aut 2017620.79 KB
Virtual Policy424.96 KB
Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch 2019 - 2020218.33 KB