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Letters to Parents

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End of Year Letter 2021461.77 KB
Positive C-19 Case (2) Year 10 June 21661.84 KB
Positive C-19 Case (2) Year 7 June 21250.27 KB
Face Masks June 2021330.59 KB
April 2021 - Standards letter399.8 KB
End of Term Letter March 2021437.61 KB
End of term letter Dec 2020411.89 KB
Student Guide to Rapid Testing March 2021746.82 KB
Return to School Letter March 2021651.07 KB
Year 10 Virtual Parents’ Evening414.84 KB
'Lockdown Learning' Support Scheme452.7 KB
Examinations 2021538.25 KB
Letter to Parents and Carers 16.12.20124.31 KB
Year 11 Parent Carer Information Autumn Term December 2020454.42 KB
Year 10 Covid-19 December 2020561.11 KB
School Link Officer November 2020274.84 KB
Whole School Letter Nov 2020698.8 KB
Year 11 Positive Nov 2020714.57 KB
Year 7 initial letter Nov 202012.25 KB
Year 8 Closure November 2020282.79 KB
Year 11 Mock Exam Letter 2020340.33 KB
Mock TT 2020114.28 KB
Parent Gov Nomination form193.03 KB
Parent Gov Vacancy November 2020198.66 KB
Positive Covid-19 Case - 9th Nov 20 (Year 11 Only)195.44 KB
Positive Covid-19 Case - Sixth Form closure Nov 20552.86 KB
Positive Covid-19 Case Nov 20 (Year 7 Only)563.68 KB
Positive Year 8 Nov 20 ( Year 8 Only)199.53 KB
Positive C-19 Case 14.10.20 - Information for Yr10 Only674.87 KB
Year 8 Closure October 2020565.24 KB
Year 9 closure Sept 20564.56 KB
Confirmed case website letter Sept 20658.67 KB
14 day school closure letter 21.09.2020183.84 KB
Return to school letter September 2020375.73 KB
Year 7 Sept 2020 start up letter90.64 KB
Letter to Parents and Carers July 2020275.98 KB
Full reopening of schools in September 2020226.13 KB
Year 11 Exam Results 2020184.58 KB
Year 7 Progress evening 2019229.86 KB
End of Autumn Term 2019406.38 KB
Important upcoming dates for 2020557.78 KB
Coronavirus Letter March 2020255.23 KB
Student Protocol - Keeping Everyone Safe435.85 KB
Year 10 Letter to Parents 2020473.52 KB
Headteacher's Letter to Year 11 June 2020343.86 KB
Energy Drinks Jan 2020543.78 KB
Autograph tariff Feb 2020490.51 KB
Autograph tariff Letter Feb 2020522.51 KB
Social Media Letter March 2020148.77 KB
Year 8 Progress Evening appointment staff sheet 201741.65 KB
Zero Tolerance Letter March 2020219.68 KB
ICT_COMPUTING_Working From Home KS3_4_and_51.48 MB
Year 12 13 Progress Parents Evening229.66 KB
Schools darker night letter Oct 19189.26 KB
Student Punctuality197.62 KB
October Half Term443.35 KB
Personal Development Day Tuesday 22nd October 2019434.2 KB
Personal Development Day Oct 14th 2019 434.59 KB
Early closing to prep for open evening 18.09.18380.28 KB
Year 7 drop in Sept 2019222.31 KB
PD Day 28th June 2019226.37 KB
Early closing to prep for open evening Sept 19323.26 KB
Easter break up arrangements 2019174.86 KB
Postpone Parents Evening January 2019340.2 KB
Letter about closure for training day & PD day & uniform Jan 19264.1 KB
Christmas break up arrangements 2018335.37 KB
Letter about closure for training day Oct 2018245.06 KB
Letter to Parents Summer 2018282.17 KB
Letter for break up and start of new term 2018434.68 KB
SIDS day LETTER June 18338.06 KB
year 10 Parents Evening Thursday 7th June 2018301.78 KB
year 7 parents evening 2018 Thursday 10th May412.58 KB
year 9 Options evening Thursday 1st March 2018450.83 KB
Year 11 parents evening January 2018432.88 KB
Winter wear 28.11.17346.06 KB
SIDS day November 2017338.67 KB
Support for Parents - Childline guidance32.88 KB
LASEND letter to Parents159.54 KB