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Headteacher Statement


We aim to introduce you to our school, outline some of the many opportunities it offers and to demonstrate our aim to provide a quality education for every child.

The second purpose is to seek and promote a genuine partnership with you. Without that partnership, it will not be possible for your daughter or son to take maximum advantage of their education and so to fulfil their potential. Quite simply, we want the best for your child in exactly the same way you do.

Our students are simply remarkable. We want them to approach all that life has to offer with enthusiasm; to live as responsible citizens and to succeed academically in our rapidly changing world. We wish to develop their unique talents and aspirations, and give them our support, attention and guidance in every endeavour.

My invitation to you is that should you have any doubts about your child’s progress or their entitlement to a service, then you should not hesitate to contact the school. You are entitled to an explanation of anything that is of concern to you and staff will be very pleased to assist you with an answer to any question you have. All we would ask is that you do this with the courtesy that you yourself would expect.

The purpose of Holly Lodge School is to offer students the opportunity to reach their full potential. We wish to ensure that all children at the school achieve the highest possible standards, whether it be in the classroom, or in the extensive range of opportunities we offer to students at all stages of their education.
I know your child will enjoy their time with us and they will learn and progress every day. However old your son or daughter, never be afraid to ask what they were doing today and whether they were having any difficulty or problem that we, or you, can help them with. By our working together in this way, I promise that your child will succeed and will have a great preparation for life.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

P Shone