Summer School 2014:

Primary Links

Here at Holly Lodge School we are committed to continually improving the transition between primary and secondary school. We understand that the process of pupils moving on from primary school can be quite an emotional experience not only for the child but also the whole family.

We endeavour to assist in that process which begins in Year 5, by making the school familiar to primary pupils by in the first instance inviting them to visit for a day. This enables the introduction of Holly Lodge staff who then go on to lead a wide range of projects that are delivered both at Holly Lodge and the individual primary schools throughout the year. Planned activities are then continuously run with the students throughout their time in Year 6 also.

We offer specific schemes such as the Year 5 and Year 6 Open Days which are held during the school term and Summer School which is provided during the six weeks holiday between Year 6 and Year 7. The Summer School runs for two weeks and gives pupils the opportunity to take part in fun activities and make new friends before even starting in Year 7. It is has played a massive part in helping to build the confidence of pupils so that when they arrive in Year 7 they are much more comfortable with their new surroundings are able to settle in much better.

As well as the specific scheme, an expansion of outreach has also been well received: Student Council Guidance, Cooking Healthily workshops and ICT Raspberry Pi sessions have all been provided and add a different dimension to the on-going liaison work with primary schools across the core subjects.

To further strengthen the ease of transition here at Holly Lodge we aim to offer a more personalised experience. Staff regularly visit a range of primary schools in order to learn more about the pupils who will transfer at the end of Year 6 and that information is then used to assist with the whole transition process.

Having the opportunity to get to know the staff prior to joining in Year 7 helps tremendously with transition, however we also believe it is important for the pupils to get to know each other also. This is done by utilising our student body in the form of Peer Mentors, Student Councillors, Prefects and 6th Formers. The use of these ambassadors has a dual impact; it provides role models and raises the aspirations of the primary pupils as well as developing the core leadership skills of the Holly Lodge pupils.

If you have any questions or enquiries about transition, whether you have a child due to join us or if you are a primary school wanting to create a new link please do not hesitate to contact the Primary School Liaison Co-ordinator.