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Welcome to the StudentZone, here you will find information on student events such as school trips; competitions and extra-Curricular activities just to name a few being held at Holly Lodge. Feeling hungry for more, why not take a look at “What’s on the Menu”. We hope you find this to be informative, please feel free to contact us for any additional information you require.

Extra Curricular Activities and Clubs

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Every year our pupils who complete BTEC’s in Exploring the Caring Sector and Work Skills have to complete a unit called Working as a Team. In order to collate evidence for this unit they work together to plan and organise a Christmas event where we invite the elderly members of our community to attend our school for an afternoon and we put on refreshments, entertainment and at the end we provide a hamper for our guests.

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Pupils work together to organise this by making sure we have refreshments, that the school music department is available, collect donations for the hampers and make sure invitations are sent out as well as making table decorations.

This develops their communication skills, organisation skills and in some pupils their leadership skills.

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