Attendance at Holly Lodge

The cost of non-attendance

Parents of Holly Lodge students who failed to ensure their children regularly attended school have recently appeared in court. Fines of more than £700 and in one case, a suspended prison sentence for both parents, have already been imposed by the courts this term.

In cases where the child lives with both parents, the parents can be prosecuted separately and face fines up to £2500, three months imprisonment, or both. Second, or even third, court appearances of the same family can mean bigger fines or a higher chance of a custodial sentence.

More families have been referred to the Attendance and Prosecution Service for taking unauthorised holidays during term time. Under the September 2013 legislation, holidays during term time are not permitted and parents face a penalty fine of up to £120 per parent per child. For those who missed the fine this year, the absence can still be used as evidence for prosecution if another holiday is taken next year. Visiting relatives abroad is holiday and should be avoided during term time.


Changes in persistent absence

From the beginning of this academic year, 2015 to 2016, the government reduced the persistent absence threshold from 15% to 10%.

Parents and carers are reminded that whilst 90% in a test is excellent the same does not apply to attendance:

90% attendance over 1 school year = 1 half- day missed every week (4 weeks total)

90% attendance over 5 school years = half of one school year (20 weeks total).

Students on the persistent absence list are recorded by the Department for Education as missing too much education.
Please help your child to get to school regularly to avoid them being on this list at the end of the year – and to help them achieve their full potential at school.

Late news... Parents (and students) are reminded that if a student arrives at school late then they should expect a 10 minute detention after school with their form tutor on that day. If a student has 5 form detentions in one half term then they will be issued with a Thursday after-school late detention of 40 minutes. If a student has another 5 lates, they should expect to spend a day in isolation and parents may be asked to come into school to meet the Key Stage Director and discuss the problem.

But ... the number of lates has continued to go down! The percentage of late marks is now only 2.69%