You have now reached one of the most important stages of your school career: choosing the subjects you will study in Key Stage 4

Core Subjects:

There are a number of subjects which every pupil must take. These are compulsory to make sure you receive a broad and balanced education, which will prepare you well for life as an adult. They are known as core subjects and comprise:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Creative Media (ICT) or Computer Science
  • Personal Development

Frequently Asked Questions.....

Listed below are some questions which are most commonly asked by students and parents, the answers to which may help you/your son/ daughter make sensible choices:-

I haven’t a clue what I want to do as a career, so how can I choose Key Stage 4 courses?

It really doesn’t matter at all, GCSE and BTEC courses are intended to provide a broad and balanced education and will not limit your child’s future education.

Do I need to choose option subjects based on what I want to do when I leave school?

No! The core subjects give the variety and breadth required. Also a career choice made now may alter as your child matures and has different experiences of life. The option subject will further broaden your child’s education.

What if I don’t like the subject after I have been doing it a few weeks?

Changing subjects once the course has started will not be possible.

How can I help my child when I know little about today’s courses and careers?

You know your son/daughter better than anyone and so are still in the best position to advise, even if you aren’t familiar with the rapid changing world of education.

What do you mean by core subjects?

Core subjects are Maths, English Language, English Literature, Science and Physical Education. All pupils at Holly Lodge will also undertake an ICT or Computer Science course.

Making your Choices

Spend time finding out about each subject

  • What topics are studied?
  • How much coursework is involved?
  • What does the work involve?
  • What is the assessment structure?

From whom can you seek advice?

  • Form tutors
  • Subject teachers
  • Head of Year
  • Mr Wilson (Deputy Head)
  • Members of the School Leadership Team
  • Connexions Careers Adviser

There are some golden rules when making option choices.

DON’T pick a subject because…

  • A friend is doing it; you may be in different groups – it might be good for your friend but not for you.
  • You think it is easy - all subjects involve hard work
  • You like the teacher - you might be taught by a different teacher

It’s new - new subjects are likely to be just as challenging as ones you have studied already. They are unlikely to be exciting just because they are new!

Let someone else make up your mind for you - you have to live with the decision so get it right!

Your parents say they would have liked to have done it.

DO pick a subject because…

  • You get good marks in the subject
  • You enjoy the subject
  • You find the subject interesting
  • You have found out that it is essential for your future career

Year 9 Options Booklet 2020

Core Subjects

Optional Subjects